Admissions, undergraduate students



UMass Lowell


The admissions video--so hard to make it stand out to students and parents surfing college sites.  We worked closely with UML to create something that would look and feel different and elevate the school.  We created these wonderful scenes with student artists, science groups, musicians, and the writer Andre Dubus III.  The response from students has been over the top.


Producer/director/editor/writer: Rebecca Miller

Videography team: Joe Figucia, Bill Arbuckle

Producer: Deanne Josephson




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UMass Lowell client:

"When a room full of tough-to-win-over deans and provosts viewed the new admissions video and their only response was to clap and compliment, you can count that as a colossal win.  Thank you for your vision and for tirelessly working on this project in order to get it right and please a number of opinionated people."

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