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The Trouble I've Seen


Civil rights documentary

Marketing program

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Northeastern University School of Law


The documentary was produced for the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice project at NU School of Law.  It examines three cases of race-based murder from the pre-civil rights era, and efforts by NU Law students to seek justice for families and communities.  Optik Nerve took cameras to Mississippi, Alabama and East Texas to meet the families and members of the communities where the murders took place.  The program is tremendously moving as aged family members recount the stories of murder and justice denied. The program has an original music track featuring over 20 cuts of the delta blues composed and performed for the program. The music track also weaves in melodies from negro spirituals.  Civil rights legend Julian Bond reads the narration.  The program was premiered at an event in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King.


Since this program was produced, it has been shown around the world, featured on NPR, and cited for its power and originality.


Director/Designer/Editor: Rebecca Miller

Writer: Ned White

Producer: Eve Wrigley

Camera: Joe Figucia, Brian Churchill, David Fisher

Music:  Thaddeus Hogarth




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Awards and comment about The Trouble I've Seen


2013 Gold Award winner

CASE Circle of Excellence Awards, news and research category


Margaret Burnham, professor, "2013 was vastly improved by 'Trouble.'  The documentary continues to be a source of deep reflection, education, and recommitment."


Toni Morrison, author, "I saw the program and was absolutely touched."


Eve Ensler, playwright, "This is wonderful and powerful."







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