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Custom Machine


This program required a multi-camera approach to capture all of the important functions of the Custom Machine plant.  For most of the machines we employed a snorkle lens, which allowed us to get right into the spinning actions of the machines.  The lens was also used for the beauty shots, for which we built a light table with a plexi sweep.  A still photographer shadowed our team to capture stills that matched the lighting and camera set-ups.  These stills were used in the web site, posters, as well as wall-art in the company.  The program was premiered at a trade association party.


Director/design/editor: Rebecca Miller

Camera: Mihai Chebac

Producer: John Doucet

Custom Machine client:

"At the end of the program the room went silent, then you could hear their jaws drop on the table, and then they stood up and applauded."

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