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Optik Nerve works with academic institutions, corporations, organizations and creative agencies to drive positive change through persuasive communications. Our work is effective. We change perception, drive interest, raise money and deliver better numbers.


Our primary business is video production--which means we develop creative, shoot and edit video, take photographs, design logos, create animation and become involved in many forms of strategic communications, including social media.


Our shows look different than the work of many others. We believe in creative solutions, good design, intriguing music choices, high impact editing, cool fonts, lots of animation and the power of good storytelling.  We embrace content and drive programs to an emotional goal. We strive to make our shows compelling.


Our clients value us as a rich source of ideas.  They come to us with a need and we develop creative solutions.  We write summaries, create storyboards, offer script samples, tap dance or do whatever is needed to sell the concept.  We love to wrestle form and content.


Optik Nerve offers clients tremendous production value at a great price and we usually take on projects soup-to-nuts. We keep our overhead down, own our own post production gear, and make our production fees low.  We take pride in the quality of our lighting and editing solutions.  We work on the coolest editing and animation applications.   We love to budget and juggle numbers.  We're lean but not mean.  We keep a steady hand on the wheel.


We work with a network of crews who are loyal, talented and hardworking.  Local or international, simple or complex, we are production experts.  Our process is smooth because we operate in a world of obsessive production detail. We conduct hundreds of on-camera interviews a year, and our clients consider our talent for interviewing to be one of our great strengths.


We have produced tons of projects, but show here only the best.  If you don't see exactly what you are interested in, just ask, we probably have an example to send you.


We're not afraid to light a few fireworks.  Great work lasts forever.




Optik Nerve studio

Cambridge, MA




Rebecca Miller

Creative director, Designer, Editor, writer






Broadstreet (agency) client

"Hey, this is a hit. The clients love it, attendees are here, the early shows are packed, we're playing to 800+ on good days.  Thanks for all you've done on this grand video.  The clients were surprised at how quickly and effectively we grasped a difficult topic."

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